Tecnoform was established in 1965 by Federico Kerkoc. He had a vision. To start manufacturing interiors for recreational vehicles in an industrialized manner. At the time the RV industry was just beginning to move its first steps. Vehicles, and especially interiors were assembled in an artisanal fashion. Parts were borrowed from other industries. Style was scarcely taken into consideration.

Tecnoform’s founder, Federico Kerkoc
Tecnoform’s founder,
Federico Kerkoc
Federico bet that, as these artisan shops matured into industries they would farm out to specialized suppliers key parts of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, knowing that industrialized processes require economies of scale, he knew he had to look, from the very beginning, at the entire european market place, non just Italy. His mixed european heritage, part italian and part german, certainly made it easier for him to look across the european borders, while keeping an eye on style and technology. In fact, he had fallen in love with a new technology that allowed the industrialized manufacturing of curved furniture. Safer, more harmonious and ergonomical than the traditional ones, these products would be ideal for furnishing the interiors of caravans.

Today Tecnoform employs over 200 people. Throughout the years its marine business unit developed complete interiors for the most famous yacht manufacturers. While its caravan and motor home business unit commands a very large market share throughout the world.

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