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16/04/2008 NCC 25 Years Service Award to Roberto Kerkoc
Tecnoform Managing Director has been awarded for his 25 years service to the industry
Last February 21, some of the most influential people of the european caravanning industry took part in the “NCC Industry Awards Dinner”, which has been hosted in the charming venue of New Hall, the oldest inhabited moated manor house in England, near Birmingham. John Lally, NCC Director General, has awarded Mr Roberto Kerkoc, Managing Director of the family owned company Tecnoform Spa, for his 25 years service to the industry.
Recreational Vehicles Press Release

Press folder Düsseldorf Caravan Show 2010:
“45 Years in the name of product innovation and service”

The year 2010 is particularly important for Tecnoform. This year we celebrate our 45th anniversary and the outcome of these “first” 45 years of activity is positive, in spite of the global recession that affected the sector two years ago.
“The company is sound, our desire is to continue growing and we look ahead with optimism, perfectly aware of the need to support our customers offering them innovative products as well as an increasingly higher performance service. This is the only possible approach to overcome this difficult two-year period” states Roberto Kerkoc.

In order to reach this goal, the company has undertaken an ambitious project for an overall reorganization of the production process, developing complete design and manufacturing lines for every single product. Our objectives are: constant quality improvement and the reduction of costs and supply lead-time. The production area will be divided into five “factories in the factory”, thus guaranteeing an even greater technical, economic and production specialization for each one of the five main product families.
Product wise, worthy of its name, Tecnoform, presents a new design-concept: “Luce” at the Düsseldorf exhibition.
Elegance and ambience permeate the furnishings thanks to a particular play of lights. For the very first time the lighting of the living space comes from the single pieces of furniture. The impact is remarkable: the cold led lights are softly emitted by the modern door panel, by the boat table lent to the caravan and by the super light curved wall, enveloping the living room with a delicate and relaxing light which becomes part of the same furnishings.

The dominant essence of the pear tree wood perfectly matches with the ivory shade of the door panel and the table surface, once again a truly appreciated and trendy color duo.
A close look should be taken at the special blend of shapes of the door panel and the singular table frame moulding, deliberately prominent, that enhances its modernity together with the integrated light inside.
Worthy of mention is the curved wall which represents an additional progress in Tecnoform Research &Development.
The extremely light eco-friendly materials used for the manufacturing solutions guarantee the possibility to carry out the mounting procedure for almost every component, thus facilitating and considerably reducing mounting times. Thanks to this solution it is possible to meet the needs of a market requiring increasingly lighter products, complying with the new weight standards and contributing to a noteworthy reduction of environmental pollution.

With regard to environmental policies and within the framework of an energy requalification project, this year the company has started the construction of an important photovoltaic power plant to produce non-polluting energy and to substantially reduce CO2 emissions.
The plant will be completed by the end of the year and will be one of the biggest in the Emilia Romagna region. Thanks to this plant it will be possible to reduce CO2 emissions in terms of more than 1,350 tons a year.
Environmental protection has always been crucial for Tecnoform. It does, indeed, hold the FSC trademark which represents a guarantee of an industrial eco-sustainable production. Such certification identifies wood products which come from forests managed correctly, responsibly and in compliance with stringent environmental, social and economic standards.
Indeed, 45 years spent in the name of product innovation and service!
As every year, you’re welcome to visit us in Düsseldorf, Stand A33. We’ll be there to tell you about the new design concept and talk about this year which has been full of important novelties.

Cristina Lertora
Image and Communication

20/08/2009 S-Line: Tecnoform's new mark on recreational vehicle and yacht design is on preview in Düsseldorf

As a yearly tradition Tecnoform presents its new furnishings line for recreational vehicles and yachts in the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon.

“Although we're dealing with a hard year during which all of the companies in the sector are engaged in overcoming a global crisis that has inevitably had its repercussions even in our field, we are still aiming to look forward and to anticipate trends as we always have done. We therefore hope the plethora of new ideas we want to tie in to our new product will mirror our desire to start over with greater energy and drive than ever, something that all the operators in the caravanning industry have in common” says Roberto Kerkoc, Managing Director of Tecnoform Spa.

Taking a closer look at this new design-concept we find the element of novelty, typical of Tecnoform's furnishings lines, enhanced as never before: S-Line fully embraces Italian style and the love of beauty, elegance and innovation that has always been the key to Tecnoform's success.
As a source of inspiration for these new furnishings we have rounded and winding lines that recall Sixties design and above all the famous Lounge Chair by Charles Eames, that became part of classic and contemporary design history. It is from these very lines that the S-Line takes its inspiration, interpreting them in a new key and putting a precious essence like black larch next to modern materials.

The S-shape, coming from the furnishings development, wraps itself sinuously around the living space giving it a subtle elegance which makes it refined and elegant, playing with the effects of light and shade. The overall look is dominated by the contrast between the classic elegance of black larch and the white shiny methacrylate used on doors, lit up by the beam of light of the scratch-finished aluminium leaf covering the ribbon of the furnishings. It creates a modern and refined ambience, which is absolutely new in the latest recreational vehicles furnishings panorama.

This particular curve was obtained from a sequence of curved forms, that made it possible to use the same mould and therefore facilitated the production process.
Another novelty element is represented by the curved, wooden door frame, in which the minimalist effect of the frame is brought out by the contrasting colours of the different materials used.

Next to the cooking top, the simplicity and capacity of which we appreciate, there is a corner that has two functions and so it becomes easy to really maximise all the internal space. When the kitchen is not being used it becomes a high-tech corner in which to sit comfortably in the armchair and work on the computer or just watch a film on the foldaway TV which is integrated into the mirror. As always the greatest care is given to those details that make it possible for the producer to easily combine the new trends together with the producer’s own furnishing philosophy.

Without a doubt S-Line contributes to bring a wave of innovation and a push towards renovation, anticipating the trends that are going to catch on in the future. All of this is possible thanks to the partnerships Tecnoform has with a great number of producers, who come back year after year certain of finding a trustworthy partner always looking for furnishing solutions which make an impact.

Image and Communication
Cristina Lertora

17/09/2008 S-Wing²: continuing the wave of success of the S-Wing lines the new “Tecnovision” for kitchen space within recreational vehicles

The evolution of shapes and lines, perceived from the viewpoint of Tecnoform, for the living space within recreational vehicles continues. The exclusive and innovative wing shaped kitchen-space, pre-released last year, has been created in the most updated materials and colours for the 2009 season. It is now offering a new interpretation of the trend setting project for the most modern and innovative recreational vehicles. Just by leafing through the latest issues of sector magazines one can find examples of the reinterpretation of the idea launched by Tecnoform last year. S-Wing² is not, however, only design and elegance. It represents the ergonomic analysis that guarantees the capability to move freely and to adapt the product to the physical needs of the vehicle’s user. It does, indeed, confer the success of the wing shaped kitchen block.

The winning aspects, once again, are the simplicity of the geometric shapes, the harmony of colours and the stylish contrast between the warm copper colour and the modern elegance of pink powder lacquering. 

Unique is the colour tone between the kitchen top and the overhead door frames. The top’s copper shade offers a lived-in and warm atmosphere and it is reproduced thanks to a specific varnishing on the wooden frame.

The totality is dominated by the contrast between the important sides and the simplicity in the shape of the new framed door which, in turn, is asymmetrically developed into a wing shape. The unique narrow section of the wooden frame enhances the modern aspect of the door shapes, with the push-opening system.

The underlying kitchen block intensifies the geometrical character of the totality, thanks to its horizontal development.

Underneath the split-level work area there are six handy sliding drawers, which can be completely pulled out. The drawers make it easier to see and reach the equipment needed and they also increase the content space.

The cooking surface and the sink represent a sensorial and functional unit.

This time the kitchen surface is even thinner, thus intensifying the wing effect of the whole space.

A further distinguishing element is the cooking block which is without the jutting elements: the handles, made up of ergonomic aluminium profiles, merge with the frontal elements and stress the horizontal line of the composition

The lightness of the surface and the sculptural character of the work space, project a modern design and a seductive environment, capable of revolutionising awareness of the living space within the vehicle and offering an unexpected fresh breath. A living environment which is able to attract even the most demanding clientele. 
On the occasion of the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon 2007, in its stand 13A33, Tecnoform SpA presents the new 2008 concept for the furnishing of recreational vehicles: S-Wing and the most recent product innovations and novelties.
Thanks to its typical project flexibility and to its innovative technological solutions, Tecnoform puts forward a project with an extraordinary expressive strength, great sensorial characteristics, sensual curves and symmetric lines.
With S-WING the company carries on its constant process of innovation, laying a new landmark in the definition of living spaces in recreational vehicles.
Rich materials enhance the sobriety of the look of the kitchen space. The alternation between the “coldness” of the steel and the warmth of the wood generates a lively atmosphere with unique visual and tactile effects. The satin walnut (satin red gum) essence with its natural staff effect creates extremely original patterns, which give movement to the symmetric rigour of the kitchen block.
The integration of the sink area with the cooking surface (that horizontally create an S shape, similar to a wing ) is made possible thanks to the ability of merging quality manufacture with an extremely modern industrial production process.
The flame-water unit of the working area is perfectly integrated in this new Tecnoform project. The cooking surface and the sink represent a sensorial and functional unit and, at the same time, a real innovation that perfectly weds with the S-Wing philosophy.
A further distinguishing element of the furnishing is the cooking block without jutting elements: from a visual point of view, the built-in handles merge with the frontal elements and stress the horizontal line of the composition. The lightness of the sliding plane and the sculptural character of the working area introduce a completely innovative environment, with a modern and attractive appeal.
S-WING establishes new reference parameters in terms of ergonomics, functionality and design, both in the living area and in the night area.
The counterpoint to the rigorous elegance of the satin walnut is represented here by the ivory of the methacrylate bathroom top and the bright red of the varnished doors. For the first time a lash of colour lights up with modernity the space of living vehicles.
Moreover, the night area is enriched by a precious play of lights that spread in the environment from the bathroom furniture and the overhead block over the headboard of the double bed.
S-Wing proposes, in Tecnoform key, forms, colours, and materials that define a totally innovative furnishing, not only from an aesthetical point of view, thanks to the inborn ability to propose new technological solutions every year, in order to satisfy its partners, favouring their design and building requirements.
02/11/2006 Tecnoform’s new concept for season 2006: NIGHT & DAY, has passed the first stage of the renowned IF Design Award... [>]
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