We design the furniture of the future… for those who live differently!

Since 1965 Tecnoform has followed the origin and evolution of the RVs Industry, as a pioneer in the production of furniture components for recreational vehicles and actively contributing to some of the most important innovations in the sector. Subsequently, we have also worked on furnishing solutions in the field of marine leisure and residential luxury furniture.

1965 - 1970

Federico Kerkoc founds Tecnoform and takes over a small 600 sqm. company in Bologna that supplies plastic laminate products to the kitchen and curved element manufacturers. It starts out with 5 employees, 4 of whom come from the Salesian school.

Poliedro, the ultramodern furniture collection for homes and offices, is released. A new production unit specifically for this sector is created: EPE.

Tecnoform debuts within the Caravanning industry, developing new products for Kip (NL), Caravelair, and Digue (F)

1970 - 1980

Tecnoform consolidates itself inside the furniture sector with the realization and completion of two projects of fitted walls for both home and office: Horas and Studio 1008 of great technical and aesthetic impact.

It is the early 1970s and an ongoing oil crisis negatively impacts the sale of recreational vehicles. Tecnoform reinvents itself by producing doors for homes and giving life to Wallform, the new line of soundproofing and fireproof modular partitions.

In recent years, in the light prefabrication sector, great successes have been achieved, including the construction of an entire hospital in Germany, various hotels in Iraq, and numerous housing units in Central Africa and the Middle East.

The company participates in the first IT course at IBM, becoming the first company in Bologna to start the computerization process.

We reach the end of the 70s and the Caravanning industry in Europe has recovered from the oil crisis, becoming the company's main market.

It was in 1977 when Spazio 15 was born. The project was carried out in partnership with SIM: complete prefabricated housing units covered with thermo-walls and thermo-roofs on the outside and fully furnished inside.

Tecnoform takes its first steps in the Motor-caravanning industry, developing new projects for Elnagh, Arca and Fiat (I), and Hobby Group (D).

FIAT designs its own motor caravan and as its partner for interior furnishings chooses Tecnoform, which develops a patent for the handles of the Fiat motor home.

1980 - 1990

Tecnodesign is born, an internal division that supports the consultancy aspects of co-design, proposing innovative solutions with a high aesthetic and functional impact.

Tecnoform participates in the adventure of Azzurra, the yacht that is competing for the America's Cup, building the caravans for the staff and crew in collaboration with Caravelair.

The nautical industry becomes a major area of expansion, creating furnishings, projects and liveability solutions for the Cantiere del Pardo (sailing yachts), Ferretti Azimut (Motoryachts) and, in the following years, Bertram and Chris-craft (Motor-boat US).

JoKit is created: a complete and standardized furniture kit for vans, highly innovative and avant-garde.

Artikina is produced: a modular door that is easy to assemble.

Tecnoform participates in the Essen fair in Germany and presents the Tecnodesign92 kitchen project there.

The curved frame door is presented at the Essen fair.

1990 - 2000

The market launch of one of the most iconic products ever: the P15® profile door.

At the Essen fair, Aerò '94 is presented, the new kitchen project packed with innovations, including the first curved door of the aeronautical type.

Investments are made in research: presentation of the panel in an ultra-light format with a weight saving of 20%.

From the collaboration between Tecnoform and Smev comes the flush® kitchen block, with a highly innovative design and layout: the living space is re-imagined and the overall dimensions were reduced.

Holzform is founded, based in Pordenone. Here the company produces solid wood doors and components for kitchens and living rooms.

Collaboration begins with Bertram shipyards in the United States.

The first two ISO 9001 certifications are obtained with ICILA for the furniture and carpentry division and with RINA for the naval sector.

95% of Tecnoform production is destined for export.

The production of varnished solid wood doors for the RV sector reaches an average rate of over 3,000 finished doors per day.

2000 - 2010

Membership begins in the FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, an organization for the protection of the environment which guarantees the origin of timber according to the principles of sustainable development and which certifies the absence of child labor.

Development of the Life Cycle Assessment project (Analysis and study of the environmental impact of the product and process).

Presentation of Concept Aurea, a kitchen with a clean and futuristic design.

A collaboration between Tecnoform and Mercedes produces the Mercedes Black Office, a futuristic van equipped as an office.

Tecnoform establishes itself in the Australian market as the main supplier of RVs furniture.

A new industrial process for doors and panels that are 15% lighter using sandwiching technology is patented.

Collaboration with BMW Designworks USA: the first American camper with the Made in Italy style is released. Partnerships with Fleetwood RV and BMW Designworks in the USA begin.

We participate in the 42nd Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY.

The debut in the US market with the Winnebago B and C class vehicles.

2010 - 2020

The partnership with Airstream (US) is launched, leading to the construction of the Land Yacht. Tecnoform is awarded with the Caravanning Design Award 2012/2013, receiving two awards for innovation and best interior design.

The luxury home furniture sector opens up with important partnerships such as Club House (I) Fendi Casa and Bentley Home & Office (now Haworth).

Partnership with Jayco/Entegra Coach and Thor Motor Coach in the USA is started.

Tecnoform Inc. is launched with headquarters in Chicago (IL) USA. 

Following the 2021 pandemic, a new way is found to stay close to customers and to show products: the 1st edition of the Tecnoform Digital Event is a big success.

2021 - 2022

The 2nd edition of the Digital Event takes place. Under the name of "Blossoming Ideas", innovative product proposals and furnishing solutions are launched as a new way of experiencing RVs interiors! This event is dedicated to the innovation and design offices that look to the future of the RVs sector.


Manufacturing plant opening in the USA (Grand Rapids, MI).