• Design
  • Innovative technology
  • Customizable
  • Wide range

We take special care in creating horizontal surfaces. Every year, we create a wide range of tables, worktops, kitchen tops and support surfaces that vary in size, decoration and use. Each exudes a dedication to detail: rounded and curved corners, structural strength and durability, using weight reduction technologies.

The wide choice of textures personalizes and intrigues. Furthermore, each top edge can be enriched with different profiles of various types. The coatings and finishes are not just beautiful but also functional: we select materials that resist scratches, heat, water splashes and humidity.

Convertible tops.

To allow greater freedom of movement, a new line of horizontal surfaces has been created, anchored with sliding and retractable systems, which transform the space as and when you want. To find out more, visit the Flexible Solutions page.

Tecnoform tops and horizontal surfaces, for moments of RVs conviviality!