Our interior design and furniture planning SERVICE, at your request.

Your plan. Our project. Together.

Tecnodesign is our interior design and furniture planning SERVICE, at your request. It is based on a " four-hands " collaboration between the client's technical and design departments and Tecnoform.

Design partnership with RV manufacturers.

Furniture projects:

  • Industrially defined and producible
  • Made-to-measure and customisable
  • Optimised for your vehicle
  • In partnership
  • Project to cost

In Tecnoform we have a department dedicated to the study and proposal of customisable projects for our customers. This is TECNODESIGN, our design brand that takes care of product and complete furniture design before the project is industrialised and manufactured.

The services we offer are:


Research and trend analysis.

Evolution of existing products

We generate innovation while preserving brand identity (e.g. production of doors with new aesthetic and quality features, manufactured using existing technologies).

Integral design of a complete or partial piece of furniture

From the design of a new door to a new wall unit. We can bring a complete or partial piece of furniture to life by studying its composition and function.

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Development of complete furnishing projects and proposals for new layouts

Together with the client's technical and design team, we invent a new interior design according to his and the end user's needs.

Compared to a "standard" design office with which an OEM may cooperate, our strength lies in the fact that Tecnodesign's service offers producible and economically sustainable design, thanks to the awareness of production constraints gained through Tecnoform's experience.

The designs presented to the customer are:

  • industrialisable
  • take cost saving into account
  • supported by 3D technology for testing new geometries
  • realised with accelerated development and production times
  • followed by prototype realisation

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Our references.

  • We are an Italian company. For us, furniture design is the genius that combines art, comfort and quality. This has always distinguished the true Made-in-Italy.
  • We are in contact with the most important manufacturers of interior décor foil. We offer a huge choice of aesthetic solutions.
  • In the RV sector, we are suppliers to the world's most important brands. The quality of our products is globally recognised.

Our expertise and experience are based on this. When we deal with a customer and offer him furniture solutions, we offer the degree of innovation and design 'tailor-made' for him.

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