50° Anniversary


Tecnoform was founded in 1965 from a great idea of Federico Kerkoc: to produce furnishings for recreational vehicles on a large scale.
Tecnoform counts today 150 employees plus an external industrial hub of as many people. The caravan and camper division has an important share in the global market while the yacht division has developed complete furniture for the most famous manufacturers in the world. Tecnoform aims to diversify its offering: over the last few years has strengthen its position in the yacht market; it has entered new markets like the luxury furniture sector.

Tecnoform was established in 1965.
Tecnoform's founder is Federico Kerkoc. Endowed with a strong charisma and outstanding entrepreneurial and human gifts, he started his life's activity taking over a small firm in the Bologna area that supplied products in laminated plastic to firms producing kitchens.

Important collaborations were initiated in the home and office furniture sector and in the construction of prefabricated wooden structures.
In 1973 the desire to innovate and the trust in technology lead Tecnoform to the purchase of an IBM-370 mainframe computer, which made the company the most sophisticated user of information technology in the area of Bologna.

In those years the sector underwent a revolution due to the appearance of motor-caravans - this required a total rethinking of living spaces.
Working on its own motor-caravan FIAT chose Tecnoform as partner for its furnishing. This was an important endorsement for the company and contributed to establishing the trademark universally in the industry.

In those years Tecnodesign, the planning heart of the company, was established. Tecnodesign was meant to be the internal division to assist clients with co-design and engineering aspects. Ever since, each year Tecnodesign also proposes innovative solutions of high aesthetic and functional impact.

The company's second main activity was launched: the production of furniture for luxury yachts. Today Tecnoform collaborates with the most important companies in the recreational yachts sector at worldwide level.

In 1990 Tecnoform began its partnership with one of the biggest firms of the sector headquartered in Germany.
Tecnoform launched on the market one of the products that still has the highest number of imitations: the profile door P15 ®.

The collaboration between TECNOFORM and SMEV resulted in the flush kitchen block ®, that enabled considerable space saving and characterized the kitchen environment with an aesthetic solution of great impact.
In 1997 the company established in Pordenone Holzform. 

The quality certification was adjusted to the ISO 9001:2000 norm and Tecnoform joined the FSC, a non-governmental organization that preserves the ecosystem and guarantees wood provenance, according to the principles of sustainable development. In 2000 Tecnoform certified the absence of child labor. A project called Life Cycle Assessment was developed, aiming at the analysis and the study of solutions for the reduction of the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. This project achieved, among other things, product recyclability.
In 2000 the collaboration between Tecnoform and Mercedes led to the development of the Mercedes Black Office, an avant-garde van equipped as an office.
In these five years Tecnoform entered the Australian market as the main supplier of caravan furniture. 

As in the first 40 years, the company's philosophy continues to be centred on:
Quality, Reliability, Competitiveness, Design, Product technology, State-of-the-art production processes, on-time exact delivery.
Tecnoform can also offer “Freepass” delivery to customers requiring this special service. 

Thanks to the high quality of the products and the exclusive know how, Tecnoform has been growing year after year.
Today it celebrates 50 years of passion with pride and satisfaction.