Tecnoform produces exclusive, high-quality complete furniture for caravan and camper. Great attention is given to selecting innovative materials that allow reducing the weight of the final products up to 35%, on-going research is planned to investigate new technical solutions to ensure ease of assembly. Materials, construction methods, design and co-designing are Tecnoform’s differentiating elements. Some of Tecnoform complete range of furniture are:

curved or flat, made of solid timber or finished in paper, veneer, CPL, or metacrylic, there is a wide range of materials and finishes of the highest quality standard.

Tables and tops for kitchens and bathrooms
available in either multifixing technology, honeycomb construction, or frameless for the maximum weight reduction.

Bulkheads, Stringers, corner posts and pass tyles
high surface resistance, both in plywood/MDF sandwiches or frameless panels for ultrathick yet very light and inexpensive implementations.

..."It’s all about customer satisfaction…whether it is about designing an exclusive, quality interior for a vehicle, or simply making sure that the assembly line will be properly supplied in time…time after time. Design, research and development, sophisticated logistics and unparalleled manufacturing automation are the ingredients we use to make it happen."...