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Moving in the direction of digitization and the discovery of its potential, from the 5th to the 9th of October 2020, Tecnoform launches the first “Tecnoform Digital Event”: 5 days of online meetings with many customers present.

Tecnoform looks to the future and remains aware of the predominant role of technology, we are initiating and investing in a strong digitalization process. The goal is to create more and more meetings, presentations, and digital events of the highest quality, ensuring the same accuracy as a live meeting, an event full of focus, comfort, and safety.

2020, with its canceled trade fairs, offers an opportunity to get involved and amaze. It all starts in the spring: the company wants to protect people's health, but cannot miss out on presenting the latest news to its customers! In a few days, the idea took shape and the project is soon decided: everything must be brought to the customer through the creation of a digital event, a kind of online fair and TV program - face-to-face and worldwide.

The company's showroom was transformed into a sort of film set and the event was a great success.