Cozy as Amphitryon.

In 2019 we collaborated with the Benimar team to complete the study of the interiors of Amphitryon, the coachbuilt that seduces you.

Like a true host who generously welcomes you to their banquet, this project is a song to the concept of ease. The features of functionality and practicality are enhanced, combining them with those of style and design. The result is a compact but large, bright, and comfortable vehicle.

Timeless Design.

The design is fluid and modern, thanks to the shape of the doors and drawers and the light colors of many surfaces. However, the intensity of the dark wood gives the vehicle a sense of understated elegance, classicism, and ultimately a sense of belonging. The large surface area of the dinette, equipped with comfortable seats and a large table, is designed to share mealtimes in relaxation and joy.

It is an interior RVs project to experience moments of domestic conviviality.