Innovative like Jayco Terrain/Entegra Launch.

This is a van that was built in partnership with the Jayco/Entegra coaches technical team. It is an innovative and extremely sporty layout vehicle, launched in the US market in the autumn of 2021.

Equipped with numerous accessories and multifunctional solutions and a line with an essential design, it immediately became a big hit with the public.

Its interior is designed to be practical and comfortable, offering solutions that guarantee stability during movement and the best liveability in restful moments. In fact, the interior space has been re-imagined, thinking ahead about the needs of its users.

The vehicle for those who love to experience adventure.

Its numerous modular and retractable solutions allow you to load bicycles, motorcycles, and much more. The various pull-out tables offer durable shelves both inside and outside the vehicle to make the most of every moment, enjoying it in close contact with nature.

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