Compact like a van. Enjoyable as a caravan.

Kara-Van is our interior design project/proposal for a 6.36 m van presented during the 2022 Digital Event. Its innovative layout expands the living space of a van, completely reshaping its spaces and ensuring greater comfort and versatility. Suitable for working while travelling, it offers an incredible amount of storage in a small space.

The Kara-Van 22 has many special features:

  • The driving area and living space are separated
  • The entrance lounge easily turns into four different areas: a comfortable living room, a cosy dinette, a studio and an intimate bedroom.
  • It is equipped with a kitchen with space-saving solutions
  • An additional working station
  • beauty desk corner
  • The large bathroom is located at the back of the vehicle and allows access to the outside via the rear door
  •  Numerous pull-out shelves and surfaces (our 'Space-saving Solutions' range)
  • Use of innovative features, such as the unusual convex shape of the upper cabinet doors
  • Extra storages under the overhead cabinet like aircraft overhead bins
  • Kitchen worktop with integrated sink
  • Free-standing storage cabinet with convex shape
  • Two sliding doors separating the different areas of the vehicle

Lounge area

Your comfortable living room. It is rich in storages and very stylish.

Enjoy it!

Upper cabinet door & secret storage

Use of innovative curve radii, such as the unusual convex shape.

Secret storages under the overhead cabinet like aircraft overhead bins.

Beautiful and useful together!

Pull-out tables

For your dinette, kitchen and working station.

Expand your space!

Kitchen Area

It is equipped with worktop with integrated sink, space-saving solutions like the free-standing storage cabinet with convex shape, an additional working station, pull-out shelves, and surfaces and two sliding doors.

Be surprised!

Beauty Desk corner

Secret storage and mirror under the worktop.

For a nice moment!


Spa style bathroom with many storages.

More is better!


Very intimate. The bed can be single or double.

Your choice!

Kara-Van 22. RV interiors matter!