As original as the Vialla Grande.

The Vialla Grande is a vehicle presented at the Caravan Salon 2021 by MTC, a German company specializing in the creation of vans with an innovative layout. We collaborated with the MTC technical team implementing new pull-out solutions and engineering furniture elements.

This is a van that is extremely spacious and comfortable. In fact, it is suitable for welcoming people with disabilities.

A special layout.

Its uniqueness is characterized in the large bathroom at the end of the van and the large kitchen arranged at a sideways angle, which serves as a division from the dinette area. The kitchen is also equipped with numerous original storage and bottle holders for maximum convenience. The collapsible and foldable table guarantees freedom of movement.

The overall design of the vehicle is linear, modern, and bright. It has a warm, almost domestic feel ... like a house under a starry sky!